Thinking about working a little magic on your fireplace in the “off-season,” and taking on a fireplace makeover? Help is on the way!Even though Winter is really dragging its feet getting out of the way for warmer Spring and Summer weather, you probably will have some “down time” soon for your fireplace.

If you’re thinking about making some changes to your fireplace this year, then you know you’ll likely have some prep work to do. In fact, if you’re going to be making any major changes, you will need to consider doing a little construction demolition work to get ready for your fireplace makeover.

fireplace makeover

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Thanks to Lesley, the chief blogger for, we have a helpful “how to” to share with you, to help you get your fireplace demo done right.

“I wish I could say that removing fireplace tiles and preparing the surround for new tiles was an easy task. In fact I wish I could say that I could have done it all by myself because I often like a challenge. But not this time.”-Lesley,

Be sure to check out the post if you’re planning a fireplace makeover.  It’s very useful!

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