Having your chimney swept and your fireplace inspected are activities that many associate as being necessities for wood-burning fireplaces.  But if you have a gas fireplace in your home, you need to make sure to have it inspected as well.
Because gas fireplaces burn in a more “clean” fashion, many assume the inspections and cleanings aren’t mandatory, but they are. Just because your gas fireplace “burns clean” doesn’t mean it doesn’t require attention.

gas fireplace

Vented fireplace gas logs
Image source: Brick-Anew.com

Here are some tips to make sure you keep your gas fireplace in good shape:

-Every fireplace or fireplace insert needs to be cleaned annually, and the best time of the year for that is summer or spring, when you aren’t using it as much.

-A gas fireplace can get plenty dirty, too. With a gas fireplace, debris can build up in the vents, in the flue, and inside the chimney itself.

Ceramic and faux logs can fall apart and disintegrate. This also falls under the category of debris. Pieces of a crumbling log can sometimes cling to the sides of the insert and get trapped.

-Clean dirty glass doors or frames. Chipped and scratched glass can become an issue over time, and can also interfere with the heat output of your fireplace. Replace any chipped or scratched glass before you fire up your gas fireplace again.

-The inside and outside of a gas fireplace needs to be cleaned occasionally. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and use approved cleaning products.

-If you have a masonry fireplace with a gas log set insert, inspect the gas logs in your fireplace annually as well.

-Make sure the inspection includes a thorough check of the valves and connections underneath your fireplace or insert, and that there are no blockages in ports or vents. Also make sure the technician you bring in checks to see that you have working carbon monoxide detectors, and that they provide details concerning any repairs your gas fireplace may need.

Follow these steps, ask lots of questions, and keep up with maintenance issues, and you should be able to start a safe, comforting fire in your gas fireplace once cooler temperatures return.

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