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Brick-Anew Fireplace Makeover With Alison G.

brick fireplace makeover

Meet Brick-Anew customer Alison from Illinois. Alison just completed her fireplace remodel this fall, giving it a complete makeover with the Brick-Anew paint system just in time for the chilly weather. Check it out!

Brick-Anew:  Hi Alison! Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with us about your Brick-Anew paint project.

Alison:  I am so glad you contacted me. I was actually on your site the other day because we are thinking of also painting our downstairs fireplace with Brick-A-New. That is how much we love the product and the results of our living room fireplace.

Brick-Anew:   What options did you consider before Brick-Anew?

Alison:  We considered refacing the fireplace but the cost of refacing was out of our budget. I started looking into painting the brick and when I was researching online I found your website and decided to go with your product because of the great reviews and amazing before and after pictures.

brick fireplace makeover

Alison’s Fireplace–Before

Brick-Anew: What look were you hoping to achieve?

Alison:  I was hoping to achieve a natural brick look. I didn’t want it to look like painted brick. Your product definitely gave our fireplace the real brick look.

brick fireplace paint brick anew

Alison’s Brick Fireplace After–with Brick-Anew!

Brick-Anew: Was the process harder or easier than you expected?

Alison:  The process was so easy, but I have to admit…I love painting!  I love that your product gave me the creative leeway to obtain the result I was looking to achieve. I could use a little more or a little less of a particular color to get the desired result. Plus, it only took me a day and a half to complete the project which was nice.

Brick-Anew:  How do you feel about the final outcome of the project?

Alison:  Amazing! It completely opened up our room and is now the beautiful focal point of the living room. Before it was a complete eyesore.

Brick-Anew: Would you recommend a Brick-Anew fireplace makeover to a friend?

Alison:  Most definitely! Everyone walking into our house comments on how nice the fireplace looks. When I tell them I painted it, they are amazed! They actually get really close to check the detail and so many cannot believe it’s paint! It really does look like real brick.

Brick-Anew: How are you planning to decorate your living room?

Alison:  We wanted to open up the room. It’s a rather small living room and the dark colors of the fireplace before Brick-A-New really made the room look closed in and dark. Brick-A-New really brighten up the room and gave it a clean, fresh look.

Brick-Anew:  Will you use real wood or gas logs?

Alison: We use real wood.

Brick-Anew: What do you love about sitting by the fire?

Alison:  I love sitting by the fire and relaxing with a glass of wine! Every time I look at it I am amazed that I did that! I love your product so much I want to paint my downstairs gas fireplace with Brick-Anew!

Many thanks to Alison for her kind words about our product. Can’t wait to see the before and after pics of her downstairs fireplace!

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