Who knew painted stone could look so natural?

Brick-Anew customer, Pat, purchased the twilight taupe Brick-Anew kit to remodel her outdated stone fireplace. Tired of looking at her dark stone, Pat wanted a lighter look.

Pat really wanted her fireplace to look like natural stone and not have a solid painted look. While researching some different options, she found Brick-Anew, and decided to give it a try.

“I played around with the application a bit. The paint colors in the kit looked amazing and complimented each other for a natural look.”

After Pat completed the project, her family and friends couldn’t believe the dramatic change.

“Some people thought we’d changed out the stone. They really couldn’t believe it was painted! I’m very happy with the kit and my new fireplace.”

Pat, we’re impressed! You did a great job.


Pat's fireplace before using Brick-Anew

Before using the Brick-Anew Stone Fireplace Paint Kit

Pat's fireplace after using Brick-Anew

After using the Brick-Anew Stone Fireplace Paint Kit

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