Why Our Fireplace Doors are Worth It

If you opened this window, you’re probably asking yourself: Should I buy my fireplace door from Brick-Anew? Can I trust this online company?

We get it and appreciate you taking the time to check us out.

While we may be small, we are not new. We’ve been around since 2003 and have quietly grown into one of the largest fireplace door retailers in America. As a matter of fact, we were one of the early pioneers of selling quality DIY fireplace doors online. We got started in the business, because people would send us pictures of their updated Brick-Anew fireplace, but they would still have a set of old brass doors in front of their new fireplace. So, we decided to help them out by adding glass doors to our program.

I don’t like bragging about our product development, but we have worked very hard to develop one of the best fireplace door programs in the industry: featuring unique designs at great price points that ship really quick. But let’s cut to the chase and get to the important stuff.

Pricing: We offer some of the best pricing in the industry and back it with a low price guarantee. Find a sale that we missed. Just let us know and our reps can address it on the spot.
Quick Shipping (Lead Times): Typical lead times in the fireplace door industry are 3 to 6 weeks. we pride ourselves on maintaining a stock inventory that allows us to ship in 3 to 7 days. Nobody wants to wait 6 weeks for their fireplace door.
Return Policy – Money Back Guarantee: As you shop around you will notice that return policies and guarantees run the gamut in terms of fine print and complexity. Ours policy is pretty simple. If you are not happy with your door send it back to us (we will even pay the shipping). How can we do this? We’ve been doing this for a long time and spend an extraordinary amount of time with each customer making sure you understand exactly what you are getting and how to measure / install the door in your fireplace.

So are our fireplace doors worth it?

We think so and thousands of customers have said they are, but the person we want to answer that question most is you. Would you give us the opportunity to earn your business? Let us help you get the perfect door for you home and then please let us know if you think our doors are worth it.

Thanks again for visiting us – here is my personal email (wilhoit.sam at gmail.com) and phone number (770-330-1214) if you should have any concerns or questions.

Director of Sales and Marketing