How to Paint Brass Fireplace Doors

How to paint brass doors


One of the most frequently asked questions we get at Brick-Anew is “Can a customer paint fireplace doors?” Painting brass or other metal-based finished fireplace doors is quite time consuming, you must first take apart the entire door and only then can you prep the brass or other metal for painting. This means that for many people, painting fireplace doors is more trouble than it’s worth. Even though ordering new doors is easier, some people prefer to paint their brass fireplace doors. If that’s you, here are some tips for your project!


What Tools Are Needed To Paint Brass Fireplace Doors?


  • High Temp Paint – Black Firebox and Stove Paint.
    • High temp paint is necessary for this project for both looks and safety. Ordinary paint can burn and emit deadly fumes, plus it bubbles, flakes, and peels under high heat.
  • Screwdriver or wrench
  • Dry, clean rags
  • Masking tape
  • Newspaper
  • Fine steel wool
  • Drop cloths
  • Paint Sprayer or paint brush


Black firebox paint.jpg


How To Paint Brass Fireplace Doors


Begin by removing the brass doors along with the frame. Take apart the doors as much as possible using the screwdriver or wrench. Clean the doors and all moving parts with soap and water to get all the soot off. Remove any pieces of insulation still attached to the door.


Using fine steel wool, lightly rub the doors to remove the brass shine and to provide something for the paint to stick to. Using newspaper and masking tape cover the parts of the doors that you do not want to paint, particularly the glass itself.


Using a paint sprayer or paint brush apply a thin coat of paint to the frame. Allow the coat to dry. Once dry apply another thin coat of paint and allow to dry.


Repeat this step as many times as needed until complete coverage is achieved. Applying thin coats is necessary to prevent any unwanted dripping and run off.


How To Paint The Frame of Fireplace Glass Doors


Painting the brass frame of fireplace doors is the same as painting the doors. In most cases, you must remove both the frame and doors as one piece. To remove them you must remove both the door and frame the metal bracket holding them in place. Frames can also be painted in place, just be sure to cover up the surrounding brick with newspaper and masking tape to protect it from overspray!


Now all that is left is putting everything back together!


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