Contemporary Fireplace Doors with Beautiful Finishes

Masonry and prefab/zero-clearance doors come in a variety of styles and finishes. You could get overwhelmed with all the choices you have when choosing a finish so let’s take a look at some points to consider.

Traditional or Contemporary Fireplace Doors? Think about the room where your fireplace is located. Traditional rooms have black, brass, or bronze accents. Contemporary designs use brushed nickel or stainless steel. Think about the accents and accessories in your room. Taking note of lamps, light fixtures, cabinet hardware, and accessories around the room can help you decide what doors would look best.

Traditional or Contemporary Fireplace Door Finishes

Trendy Or Classic? A safe choice for a classic look is always black. Black fireplace doors finishes come in a variety of forms from a flat powder coat finish, to textured black. There’s also rustic-looking black wrought iron. There are several advantages of choosing a black finish for your fireplace door. Black probably won’t go out of style anytime soon, it goes with most decor, and it’s usually a finish that doesn’t have an extra charge. Prefab/zero-clearance fireplaces are predominantly black, so black fireplace doors compliment those type fireplaces beautifully. When you purchase a quality set of fireplace doors, you plan to have them a long time so we recommend black if you’re finding it hard to decide on a color.

Trendy or Classic Fireplace Door Frame Finishes

What About Specialty Colors? If you like specialty colors and trendy style, you might like finishes such as moss iron or new rust. These powder coat finishes are applied on fireplace doors using a technique similar to the way the automotive industries paint auto parts so the paint holds up even in harsh conditions. Painted finishes can save you money if you want a particular look. For example, a painted finish on an aluminum fireplace door can give the look of cast iron and the cost will be far less than purchasing a cast iron door. Moss iron, copper, and new rust are specialty colors that can accent specific color schemes in your home.

Textured finishes look unique and add interest to painted finishes. Textured paint finishes are available in bronze iron, chestnut, gray iron, and brown, just to name a few. Silver and gold antique vein are textured colors with an added touch of black.

Specialty Finishes for Fireplace Doors