Our Door System:

Before taking pictures, it’s important to know how our door system works. This will make it easier to provide what we need in pictures. Our doors come with a frame that they slide back and forth in. This frame installs into your firebox by sliding inside the opening. Once you’ve installed the frame into the firebox, then you install the doors into the frame.

EZ Fireplace Door Prefab Prefabricated Zero Clearance Factory Built Open Installed in FireplaceFrame SurroundSliding Frame In


How To Take Measurement Pictures Pics Photos for Prefab Prefabricated Zero Clearance Factory Built Fireplace Doors 

Finding Your Model Number

How To Find Fireplace Model Number Tag Prefab Prefabricated Zero Clearance Factory Built Fireplace Doors

To determine your fireplace’s model number, locate the tag on the inside panel of your metal firebox. Your model number should be displayed on the tag.



How To Measure For Prefab Fireplace Doors


If you have a model number listed on our website you will only need to verify your opening height and width.

1. You will want to measure the inside opening metal to metal, just inside the metal edge for the width and height. 

 Measuring For Prefab Fireplace Doors


2. If you do not have a model number listed on our site, you will need to measure recess depth. The recess depth is an important measurements because you want your fireplace doors and new frame pieces to lay flush to the fireplace. The new fireplace doors will need to push back in a little ways on all four sides and some of our doors require more recess depth than others. Here is an example of our EZ Door and our EZ Door Steel recess depth.    


Measuring Recess Depth


When you are done, you will have 3 measurements: width, height and the recess depth.  A typical measurement would be: 36”w x 21”h, 1.5” recess depth. 

The key is to have enough recess depth so that our frame can slide back into the opening by at least 1 inch. Before measuring,  it is important to remove your old doors (if they are there) and to remove old door tracks.

Here is an example of an old door track.  There are usually a couple of sheet metal screws in the track that can be removed.


Removing Door Track



Installed Doors

Here are some examples of our doors installed.  Notice how our frame and 2 doors is flush with the original fireplace metal face.

Ez Door

EZ Door Installed

Ez Door Steel

EZ Door Steel Installed


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