When installing a new fireplace, you may wonder if it’s best to go for masonry fireplaces, or perhaps you’ve heard of prefabricated fireplaces. But what is a prefabricated fireplace? Essentially, they’re fireplace units that are made off-site and installed in your home at a later stage. 

There are many perks to having prefabricated fireplaces in your home, as they do not require the same amount of preparation work that masonry fireplaces do. Of course, this entirely depends on your preference. To make your decision-making process easier, look at our guide to prefabricated fireplaces to see if they are the right fireplace solution. 


What are prefabricated fireplaces made of?


Prefabricated fireplaces have all the same components as a masonry fireplace. They include a firebox, insulated panels, and a chimney flue. As these units are made off-site, there are often strict instructions for installation compiled by the manufacturer. 

Traditionally, prefabricated fireplaces are made of steel or similar materials, including cast iron. Although the latter is usually a lot heavier, they look like a wood-burning stove which is ideal for homes going for a more traditional design. 

Those made from steel are lighter and far easier to install, making them the preferred option for prefabricated fireplace manufacturers. All fireplaces have refractory panels inside the firebox, which closely resemble brickwork and act as the main insulators. These help to keep the room warmer for longer. 

For the front of the fireplace, manufacturers also design prefab fireplace doors that fit snugly on the firebox. Fireplace doors are an excellent addition to any prefab fireplace installation, as they enhance the insulative properties of the fireplace and ensure that soot and ash do not spill out of the firebox onto the floor. 

Fireplace doors are usually manufactured in line with the specifications of the exact prefab fireplace model and are, therefore, easy to find online. 


What are the benefits of prefabricated fireplaces?


When you opt for a prefabricated fireplace, there are several benefits you can look forward to. Some of these benefits include the following.




Unlike masonry fireplaces, prefabricated fireplaces do not require the same level of installation work. They are, therefore, more affordable, as homeowners can save money on labor costs and do not need to lay the same level of foundations they would for masonry.


Faster installation


Because prefabricated fireplaces are made offsite and brought into your home as a completed unit, they are far easier to install. They will require a professional to come and install them, and one should refrain from attempting to install them as a DIY project, given the strict manufacturing guidelines.


Less pre-preparation


Masonry fireplaces require contractors to lay solid foundations in constructing their homes. However, prefabricated fireplaces simply fit into any house room, meaning less construction work is required to install them.


Good insulation


Prefabricated fireplaces are made from materials that offer optimal insulation and keep rooms warmer for longer, no matter where you place them.


Is a prefabricated fireplace right for your home?


After reading this post, you should better understand what to expect when installing a prefabricated fireplace in your home. With more versatility and quicker installation times, these units may be the perfect fit for your newly renovated space. If you require more information or advice, our friendly team at Brick-Anew would be happy to help. 

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