Is your current brick fireplace looking drab and outdated? Are you searching for something that won’t “cover” the brick or take away from it’s natural brick look and feel? Well, my searching was over the day I discovered that painting a brick fireplace was easy, affordable and fun to do.

When I discovered fireplace brick paint made especially for brick and it was all in one kit, I figured it was too good to be true. Wow was I surprised. When I had been researching for brick paint I was worried and skeptical to say the least, let alone trying to convince my husband to let me do it, boy was that a task. Needless to say I talked him into it and I scooped it up off the internet and away I went with my new endeavor.Painting inside brick fireplace

I chose the color Twilight Taupe, it matches just about any decor. The tip sheet and the step by step instructions that came with the kit were simple enough to follow and I loved watching the transformation take place. I also purchased some black firebox paint and painted the inside of my fireplace too.

So, as you can see by my results I am totally pleased with the outcome and I have been recommending it to all my friends.