618BlkBdrmGallery (1)When you think of a mantel, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Most people think of the fireplace. But don’t forget that mantel shelves can be hung on a wall to display family photos and accessories. Hang a group of three different sized mantel shelves to give a blank wall a boost. The Pemberton Mantel Shelf is perfect to hang over a bed, behind a desk, or or on an accent wall. If you’re like me, there’s never seems to be enough places in a room to display personal items without it feeling cluttered. Try these ideas with the Pemberton Mantel Shelf:

In a kids’ bedroom to display trophies and medals.
In a home office to display photos of family and friends.
In a kitchen to display dishes.
In a bathroom to stack hand towels.
In a guest bedroom to show off a favorite collection.

Consider your wall color before deciding what color your Mantel Shelf should be. Black makes a bold statement and looks great against a light colored wall. A white shelf looks pristine and feminine. Not a fan of black or white? You can always paint your shelf an accent color to complement your room’s decor.

Has anyone tried this?  Let us know what you think!

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