If you are lucky enough to live in a home with a floor-to-ceiling fireplace, then you’re probably wondering how to get the most out of your high ceiling fireplace decor. When you have a tall space for a floor-to-ceiling fireplace, you open up a whole world of decorative possibilities. 

Having a taller fireplace adds a lot of depth to a space and elongates the room to look bigger than it actually is. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best tall fireplace decor ideas to give you the inspiration you need to make your living space pop.


Incorporating natural elements


As fire is a natural element that many integrate into their homes, it seems fitting that a fireplace with an elongated shape incorporates some other natural elements as a kind of homage to nature. If you are a bit of a green freak, this look could be ideal for you. A hanging garden above our fireplace is a wonderful way to integrate nature into your tall fireplace design. It will also add intrigue and detail to the fireplace, making your space all the more serene. 


Stacked stone fireplaces


Stacked stone is a design in itself, and when you integrate it into a tall fireplace, the effect is stunning. The stones create a unique pattern and color scheme, adding detail to the fireplace design. 

You can also play around with the colors you choose, going to either lighter sand colors or grays or darker, more dramatic stone colors for that extra sense of flair. Stone is the ideal material for homes that want to create a classic cozy feel and is also good for extra heat insulation, serving as a functional design idea too. 



Black-tiled cathedral-top 


Many people are on the fence regarding black tiles as a key feature of their interior design. Although it can be intense, the dark color actually helps to create the illusion that a space is a lot bigger than it was initially designed to be. Black tiles also add drama and dynamic to space and give you a lot more freedom to play around with color schemes when you base the overall theme of the room around the darker shade. 


Exposed brick fireplace


The industrial chic look is one that has really taken off in the world of interior design, so what better place to put an exposed brick feature than onto your high ceiling fireplace? Not only does an exposed brick exterior look great against a lightly-colored wall, but the clay from the brick is also a wonderful insulator and will keep your living room or indoor space warmer for longer. If you want to create a cleaner look, consider filling in the gaps between the brick with a white fireplace paint


Misty Harbor Before/After


Art murals


This is a design idea for anyone who is more into the quirky side of interior fireplace design. Having an art mural hand above your fireplace on a floor-to-ceiling feature is a great way to add a touch of your own unique style to your home. With so many great artists out there nowadays, getting your hands on a stunning piece of art and integrating it into the design is a great way to pass color and style to your tall fireplace. 



Two-tone with integrated materials 


When you have a larger space to play with, who says that one color is enough? Why stop there when two-tone design schemes are one of the top design trends around? Try having a different color on the lower half of your fireplace than the one on the upper level. 

If you’re going for the two-tone look, it may be a good idea to invest in a color wheel. Having a color wheel will classify colors for you and give you a good idea of which two tones will work best with each other. Contrast, in this scenario, is key.


White painted brick 


Another play on the semi-industrial look, the white-painted brick fireplace is a great option for those who have brick fireplaces and want to brighten up a room. Having a white floor-to-ceiling fireplace all the way up may sound plain, but it actually makes a room seem neat and tidy, which is perfect for anyone who wants to incorporate the minimalist style into their home.



Victorian-style fireplace design


Everyone has a taste for the old-fashioned in one way or another. Fireplaces used to be an integral part of old Victorian houses, which famously had higher ceilings. Having vintage decor on your high ceiling fireplace is a great way to incorporate sophistication into your home and acts as a fantastic contrast for more modern living spaces too.


Full-length stone outdoor fireplace


There are loads of designs you can choose from when you opt to use stone as your base material. Having stone in your home is a great way to incorporate nature into your home, and it also acts as a great insulating material. 

Using stone, you can also play around with different colors and use the material to create artistic features for your fireplace decor. Stone is also a great material to use as a base for contrasting materials. Consider using a bold piece of wood for the mantelpiece to create a cozy ski-lodge look in your home. 



Off-center integrated fireplace


One of the other design elements that designers are playing around with is the concept of having the fireplace slightly off-center and using the other side for another function, like housing TV units or shelves. 

When you use this concept in high ceiling or tall fireplace decor, you create a section of the room that becomes an entirely working space. Adding this level of functionality adds sophistication to your living area and is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to have more of a high-tech home. 


Wooden-clad floor-to-ceiling fireplace


Wood is a beautiful element to have in your home. There are several varieties you can choose from with colors to suit any taste, from darker hardwoods to lighter woods. Wooden cladding is another great design element you can bring to your tall fireplace decor as it brings more color and warmth into the room and also acts as a heat insulator.



Marble floor-to-ceiling fireplace


Nothing says elegance and sophistication more than marble. The material is a great feature for any home that has the space for a high ceiling fireplace. No two pieces of marble are the same, so it guarantees that you will have a unique style in every installation. 

Marble is also a very hard material, so it’s unlikely you can use it as a background for other elements. Having a marble high ceiling fireplace is perfect for home designs that require clean lines, brightness, and a minimalist feel. 



Floor-to-ceiling with over-sized tiles


Tiling is a great way to jazz up your tall fireplace, so why not go big or go home with oversized tiles? You can use varying colors when you choose to tile your fireplace or use one color. Using oversized tiles in a single color will create a more solid look over your fireplace which is perfect for homes with cleaner designs. Having two or three colors adds intrigue and depth to the design and will form a great foundation for the color scheme for the rest of the home. 


Mosaic artwork 


If you are more artistically inclined, having a mosaic mural above your tall fireplace is a great option for your high ceiling fireplace decor idea. Mosaic means you can use off-cuts of tiles and different elements to create a piece that you love. If there is an artist you particularly love, a tall fireplace provides the perfect canvas for them to work with. Mosaicing a fireplace may take a while, but the custom design will be worth the wait. 


Single-tone dark-painted fireplace


If you’re looking to give your tall fireplace a quick and easy facelift, then using a dark, bold fireplace paint is a great option. Having a dark color on a column that reaches all the way to your ceiling will act as a great design feature and will become an integral part of the overall home design. You can also accent other design elements of the room by bringing out a similar color in a single-tone painted fireplace.



Vertical wooden cladding


Having long planks of wood cladding the fireplace is a technique many use to create the illusion of even more height for their fireplaces. If you have a home where you want to bring out the grandeur of the space, having features that make a room look bigger is essential. Having long, single plants laid out vertically side by side is one of the ways you can achieve this. You can also play around with different wood types so that there are different tones in your vertical wood cladding. Alternatively, having spaced wooden cladding is another way to add detail to your tall ceiling fireplace.


Functional above fireplace features


If you have a particularly tall fireplace but in a smaller home, you have to think of ways to use the space effectively to optimize functionality. When you have significant space above your fireplace to play with, you cannot let the design opportunity go to waste. If the fireplace is insulated enough, you should consider mounting the TV on the mantle. This will save space in the room where you would otherwise put your TV cabinet. You can also put shelves here to create more storage for books, photos, ornaments, or plants.



Photo grid on a plain background


As the saying goes, home is where the heart is, and one of the most personal items people have in their homes is their photographs. In a living room that welcomes family and friends and makes memories together, you can use the space your high ceiling fireplace gives you to showcase the wonderful people in your life. A brilliant design trend for photographs is a photo grid, which is a good template to use, especially if you have loads of photos you want to put up. Placing them above a tall fireplace is a great way to make the space a lot more personal and is a great way to honor family.


The library fireplace look


If you’re a lover of books, then having loads of bookshelves in your tall fireplace design is the way to go. Integrating books into a living space and combining them in the same areas as a fireplace creates the feeling of being in a cozy library is a great design idea for anyone who wants to create an atmosphere wherein people feel they can relax. If you have a particularly tall fireplace, why not have a bit of fun and invest in one of those library ladders to reach books stacked way up at the top? This quirky design is perfect for a family of bookworms who want to display their most cherished possessions.



Integrate a full-length mirror


One of the other ways to play around with spatial design is to use mirrors. For the ultimate element of drama, a full-length mirror that reaches from the mantel all the way to the ceiling is a great option. For a sleek design, you can use a frameless mirror. This will increase the perceived size of the room significantly and will also add more brightness to a room. 

However, for a slightly more intimate feel, perhaps for a room that encompasses bold colors, adding a gold or silver frame to the mirror is a great way to tie the design together.


Which high ceiling fireplace design is right for you?


Feeling inspired? Hopefully, our high ceiling fireplace decor ideas have given you some guidance on the kind of look you’re going for when decorating your tall fireplace. Remember, it’s all about your style preferences and the kind of atmosphere you want to create in your home. Don’t be afraid to play around and experiment with different ideas until you come across one that suits you.