With the holidays just about here, we’re all looking for something special, beautiful even gorgeous to look at this season, and that includes fireplaces!

At Brick-Anew we love talking about, looking at, and sharing the most remarkable and stunning fireplaces we come across. Well this post from Vogue certainly fits the bill, and is nothing less than breathtaking!

If you scroll through and look for yourself, we just know you will find the perfect fireplace for you–even if it isn’t in your own home! heck, we can dream, right?


gorgeous fireplaces Vogue

Gleaming gold fireplace, featured in Vogue
Photo credit: Vogue.com


“The hearth gives the kitchen a run for its money as the heart of the home: It is by its very nature warm, inviting, and striking, and there are generally a few expressly comfortable pieces of furniture in close proximity.” -Vogue.com

We couldn’t agree more.  Enjoy!