As humans we’ve been working with fire since the beginning of time. Fast forward to the present day, and fire possesses all of the same properties, but there are plenty of fireplace tools and accessories available to make working with a fire a more enjoyable, safe and efficient experience.

To enjoy a roaring fire and a beautiful fireplace fully, it is necessary to  have and use the proper tools. In addition to having fireplace tools on hand to help you tend a fire, accessories can also add to your home décor.

Fireplace Screens

Not only can a fireplace screen offer an added layer of protection against the potential dangers of a live fire, they can add a touch of style to your fireplace and hearth. Because closing glass fireplace doors when a fire can be dangerous, it is advised that you leave your fireplace doors open, and place a fireplace screen in front of the fireplace to add another layer of protection. Fireplace screens come in a wide assortment of styles, so it will be easy for you to find a screen that adds to your décor while ensuring you are protected against sparks, flames and embers from your fireplace.

fireplace tools

Woodfield 3-Panel Arched Black Fireplace Screen

Handheld Bellows

If your fire is beginning to fade, but you aren’t quite ready to extinguish it for the evening, the best thing to do to give it a quick lift is to hit it with a shot of air. That’s why handheld bellows are a great tool to have on hand near the fire. The best way to revive a waning fire is to give it a good blast of air. A handheld bellows is the best fireplace accessory for injecting some life into dying embers. Bellows are basically an accordion-shaped bag with a rigid board on each side.

The boards also act as handles that pull air into the bellows by expanding them and then closing the device, which then pushes air into the fire. The air does a good job of stoking a fire without making a mess of the ashes.

Fireplace Poker

A poker is a long metal rod you use to poke at and stir a fire. You can also use the poker to rake the coals together and help build heat for your fire, and as firewood burns down to the point of being charcoal, you can stir the charcoal into fresh flames by poking it with a poker and also using a bellows, for more air.


When choosing tongs, make sure they are durable and strong enough to be sure that you can safely scoop up ashes.

Fireplace Brush

If you’re purchasing a full set of fireplace tools, a fireplace brush will no doubt be included in the set. These brushes are made with special broom straw or bristles that won’t melt from the heat produced by a fire. You’ll use the brush to sweep stray ashes back into the fireplace and to keep your firebox neat.

The bottom line when purchasing fireplace tools is to make sure you are purchasing the best quality set of tools you can afford. These tools aren’t just an added convenience or mere accessories. Good fireplace tools provide you with the ability to clean up and move around hot and potentially dangerous embers, coals and wood.