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Captivating Fall Mantel Decor Ideas

mantle with a large hanigng side and lots of orange and white flowers

The days are getting cooler and cooler, and my mind is turning to fall.  The mantel is the perfect place to start my fall decorating.

A cozy fire with orange flames is fall decor in and of itself, so adding some autumn decor to the mantel is an easy way to make the fireplace really set the mood.

I’ll be talking about three main design schemes: classic, farmhouse/rustic, and modern.  Each of these things is equally beautiful, but they are all very different.

How to Choose a Design Theme

Each of the mantels I’m going to show you has a theme: modern, rustic, farmhouse, classic, etc.  Obviously, you want to pick a theme that you like, but there is another factor to consider.

When decorating, it’s important to pick a theme that won’t stand out from the decor you currently have.  So when you’re looking at the pictures below, think about how it would look in your current living situation.

If you have bright accent colors, a super colorful mantel will look odd.  Try white pumpkins and some faux greenery.

If your room has lots of neutral shades, some bright oranges and reds might look lovely!  In a neutral space, more whites and greys will just be dull.

So try to find a style that  you like but will also fit in well with your current decor.


Classic fall mantel decor incorporates the colors of the fall leaves.  Red, orange, and brown vibrant shades are prominent.  Natural elements like pumpkins, garlands, and wreaths are common in this decor style.

Classic decor is a good choice if your room has neutral, green, or purple shades.  If your room already incorporates reds, oranges, and browns, try another decorating theme so your fall decor really pops.

Here are some items you may want to incorporate into your fall decor:

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This seasonal decor includes lots of browns and muted shades of orange and red.  Hay, straw, wood, and glass are popular items to decorate with.

You might also find wood frames, mason jars, and fall flowers.  You can use blankets, books, and picture frames if they fit the color scheme.  This decor scheme is the easiest to incorporate items you already have in your house into.

This is a great decor scheme to use if you already have a farmhouse-style living space.  If you have a bright house with lots of white and off white colors, the browns and muted colors of the farmhouse scheme look lovely.

This decor scheme looks especially nice with brick fireplaces that have muted red tones.

Here are some items you may want to incorporate into your home decor:

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A modern mantel display has white, grey, and green colors.  You’ll see mini pumpkins and lots of faux greenery.  You can easily incorporate some Halloween decoration by adding bats or a hanging sign.

To keep things bold, you can incorporate a large sign or mirror on the mantel.  Or, you can add height by using tall candles or vases with greenery.

This theme looks great in a living room that already has a pop of color.  If you have vibrant colors in your room already, fall colors will look odd so greens and whites are the way to go.

Here are some items you may want to incorporate; we’ve found that Amazon has better prices than most local craft stores:

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Final Thoughts

I’m so excited for this fall season.  I’ve already started my shopping for fall decor, and I’m searching my house for other things to incorporate.

We’d love to see what you come up with in your own home!  Tag us on Instagram (brickanew) or Facebook (Brick-Anew) so we can see your fall decor!

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