I know, I know. spring has barely arrived, and I am already talking about fun summer fireplace designs for your home.Well, if you lived as far north as I do, then you would understand, I like to skip over Spring, and dive right into the warmer temperatures.  In fact, to me, “warmer” weather means about 55 to 60 degrees.  That’s why I plow right through Spring, and like to move on to getting the house ready and open for the sunnier, longer and much more pleasant days ahead.

That’s why when I saw this post about great fireplace design ideas for summer, I knew I had to share it with all of you! After scrolling through the images here, it quickly become obvious that there is a common thread, which is saturated color and tones–the types of settings that offer a richness of hue that you don’t always see in room decor.  But heck, it’s summer, and everything is turned up a little more. why not?

“Who says you can’t use your fireplace in the summer? Check out these decorating ideas to keep your fireplace and mantel hot in the off-season.”-HGTV.com

summer fireplace designs

Image source: HGTV.com

That’s right, these rooms are popping with color.  Hope you enjoy, and get some great ideas for your summer fireplace “look.”  Enjoy!