We’ve walked hundreds of homeowners through the process of painting their fireplaces with the Frosted Sunshine paint kit.  The golden-grey tones in the paint really brighten and open up a space.

Many homeowners find themselves with the desire to add a few new decorations to tie the room together.  Others need to replace some outdated furniture that looked fine with the old fireplace but is a bit shabby with the new one.

We chose these pieces specifically for their high-quality, their good reviews, and the way they go seamlessly with the frosted sunshine paint kit.

Choosing Furniture

This DHP Andora Coil Sofa in Faux Leather doubles as a futon.  You’ll have plenty of space for an extra guest or just to get extra comfy for a movie night.

The couch is well rated and the faux leather will hold up over time.  The seats have spring coils for extra support and long-use.

Reviewers say it’s easy to assemble and quick to pull out into the futon.  And at under $350, it’s a great value for the money.

This Armless Floral Accent Chair from Best Choice Products has beautiful colors on a light ivory background.  It’s the perfect way to add some color to your living room.

Reviewers love the chairs, though some buyers have found them a little bit short.

Adding bright colors, especially in such a vibrant pattern is an easy way to make your space sand out.  This is a head-turning piece, and you’re sure to get compliments.

This Antique Tobacco Coffee Table by Linon Home Dcor is a great accent to the warm tones in your brick, especially if you have a mantel or mantle shelf in a similar color.

For the $100 price, it is a great value.  Reviewers say it’s relatively easy to assemble and that it holds up well over time.

Adding bright colors, especially in such a vibrant pattern is an easy way to make your space sand out.  This is a head-turning piece, and you’re sure to get compliments.

Adding Decorations

These birch twigs from ECOVENIK with this chic turquoise vase from VANCORE would be a lovely addition to a mantel.  The tones in the Frosted Sunshine kit work well with the shabby chic/farmhouse decor that has become more and more popular.

You could use faux flowers or greenery instead of the branches if that won’t work well in your space.  If the season is right and you don’t mind the extra work, you can use live flowers as well!

This COTULIN Modern Table Lamp has a unique gold base adds a bit of elegance to your space, especially if you don’t have any metallic accents left into your space.  Lamps look nice in pairs of two, sitting on either end of a couch or long table.

If you already have nice lighting in your space, try using golden lightbulbs in your lamps.  During the day, you won’t need to turn them on, but at night they add lovely ambiance along with your fire.

These Vintage LED Edison Bulbs are dimmable so you can adjust the brightness to set the mood.  Adjustable bulbs are a great way to control your evening atmosphere, from industrial to romantic.

Adding pictures of you and your family to your mantel is an awesome way to make your living room feel like home.  You can replace the pictures yearly or choose some old favorites to keep all the time.

Any of these cute frames would go very well with the cream tones in your Frosted Sunshine kit.  Think about what pictures you want to put in the frames and the rest of your decor in your room.  This can help with deciding on the final color.

Final Thoughts

A new fireplace gives your whole room a new feel.  It can be exciting, but it may also make you realize that your furniture and decor was a little bit outdated.

By investing in a new sofa or getting some picture frames to match the fireplaces, you can tie the whole room together without breaking the bank.  Don’t forget to send us pictures to our customer service email!