Airtight Fireplace Doors


In the fireplace industry, the term “airtight” in regards to fireplace doors is a misnomer, because there is no such thing as a truly airtight glass fireplace door. You may have heard, for instance, that air tight glass fireplace doors have the ability to trap air inside the firebox, but this is also untrue.

When you hear the term ‘airtight’, what someone actually means is that the door is ‘gasketed’. Gasketed fireplace doors are masonry doors that have a seal that goes around the outside and the inside of the door. This means that air is much less likely to escape from the door, even though a true airtight seal is impossible to achieve for a masonry door like the ones that many people use in their home.


Do Air Sealed Doors Save Energy Loss or Not?


Prefab Fireplace doors require an 1/8″ gap to allow air flow so the firebox does not overheat. This gap is required by fire codes. Masonry fireplaces, however, require insulation and a seal around the edge to prevent air loss and drafts. If someone is telling you they have an airtight glass fireplace door, it is not true. If you are looking for a door that is efficient, here are a few things to consider before paying extra money because a company “claims” they have an airtight glass fireplace door. Masonry ‘gasketed’ doors are more efficient, but not enough that you will notice on your heating bill. All fireplaces are fairly inefficient if they are open to your home because there is no way to prevent heat loss.

Just because a door is not airtight, this does not mean the fireplace doors are not efficient. Here at Brick Anew, for instance, we custom fit our doors like a glove, and help you with installation instructions too. Because we also offer some masonry doors with gaskets, we can insure that you get the best possible seal for efficiency, while still maintaining safe fire code regulations in your home!

Do New Masonry Fireplace have Gasketed Doors?


You can get gasketed glass doors for masonry fireplaces for any home (see picture above), but the best seal for your fireplace is always going to happen with a custom job. We sell a number of doors that are customizable to meet your specific needs and will give you the efficient seal that you are looking for! If you have a pre-fabricated fireplace box, then the best fit for you is going to be one of our pre-fab doors. If you have a masonry fireplace, check out some of our masonry fireplace doors. You can try any of our doors risk free because all of our doors include no-hassle returns.

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