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Mantels to Match Every Decor and Budget

Our economy fireplace mantels are a great solution for those looking to redo their mantel on a budget. Certain models arrive pre­-primed and some will require primer as well as paint. Please check the model to see which is right for you.

These Mantels come unfinished, but with a quick coat of latex or oil paint, your mantel will be ready to show off.

These Mantels are made from an engineered wood product called medium­ density fiberboard (MDF).  MDF is denser than plywood and particle board, and will last you years!

What is the difference between MDF mantels and real wood mantels? First, it is important to note, that these cheaper Mantels are not lower quality. MDF techonology allows us to offer you a more affordable mantel, with all the same great qualities and durability of real wood. The only real difference is that an MDF mantel will not take stain and paint as well. Nothing can truly mimic the look of real wood grain.

Take a look at our varieties and styles and call us with any questions at 800.897.7175. We’re more than happy to help!