Saturday ShoutOut

Saturday ShoutOut: Vintage Revivals

Saturday ShoutOut

Scouring through all of the thousands upon thousands of blogs out there looking for the very best to feature for a Saturday ShoutOut on the Brick-Anew blog each week is fun!

Deciding between my favorite topics, content, images and design can be challenging.  But I do manage to find many gems. One of these gems is Vintage Revivals. This is an exquisite yet down-to-earth blog IMHO.

The “blogstress” of this blog, Mandi, does a beautiful job of presenting topics in a fun, visual manner, and in a way that so many people obviously love. What is even more remarkable is how humbly the history of this blog begins. I won’t spoil it for you, but you HAVE to read the “About” section. Mandi is a remarkable and very strong person, and her strength shows through in the quality of her blog and her projects.

I hope you’ll check out Vintage Revivals. Mandi’s story and journey will provide you with inspiration on so many levels.  Enjoy!

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