Saturday ShoutOut: ThriftyandChic.com

After a holiday season filled with ideas, writing, connecting and work, finding a blog to feature for this week’s Saturday ShoutOut was a little challenging!

But with all of the New Year’s resolutions floating around, all I needed to do was hone in on what most bloggers I know aspire to be any time of the year–thrifty and chic!

Which is why it is no surprise that the blog I am featuring this week for a Saturday ShoutOut is ThriftyandChic.com.

ThriftyandChic.com blog Image source: ThriftyandChic.com

ThriftyandChic.com blog
Image source: ThriftyandChic.com

The blog’s creator Alicia is an amalgam of creativity and drive. She not only enjoys decorating, she loves the “doing,” too! Housekeeping, DIY projects, decor–Alicia does it all.

So if you’re looking for a fresh persepctive, and a blog to inspire this weekend and into 2016, give Thrifty and Chic a look.  Happy New Year!

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