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Saturday ShoutOut: The Jungalow

Saturday ShoutOut

If you have a weakness for plants, bohemian style, and finding beautiful colors and patterns for your home, this week’s Saturday ShoutOut, The Jungalow, is the perfect blog for you.
I would place The Jungalow in a grouping of “inspirational” blogs and websites. The blog’s founder, Justina Blakeney, fills her blog-and her home-with lots of texture, colors and greenery. She’s created her own online “paradise” and it shows.
If you’re looking for new ways to elevate the look of your home in an eclectic and unique style, then this blog is for you.  You’ll also find some fun and delicious recipes, DIY projects, and lots of color.

Saturday ShoutOut

Image source: TheJungalow.com

Even if you aren’t looking for a new project, this blog is fanciful and fun, and will definitely get you thinking in new ways about your home.

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