Saturday ShoutOut

Saturday ShoutOut: The DIY Playbook

Saturday ShoutOut

We don’t often feature blogs for the Saturday ShoutOut that focus on the work of bloggers that work in teams, but The DIY Playbook is special.

Featuring the work of a team of talented bloggers, Casey and Finn, the blog features home decor, crafts, gift ideas, and even travel.  It’s clear why the blog is named The DIY Playbook, as the posts are comprehensive, give lots of details and life to the duo’s ideas, and tips for shopping and performing the tasks laid out in each post.

The image above features a gender-neutral nursery concept, complete with every possible piece of information, detail, how-to, you name it!  So the site and posts not only look great, they also tell you precisely how you can achieve the same look for your home or project.

So if you’ve always wanted to try and put together a project that you’ve found on a DIY blog, but haven’t known where to begin, then The DIY Playbook is a perfect place to begin browsing and dreaming.  Enjoy!


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