Saturday ShoutOut

Saturday ShoutOut: Stone Family Farmstead

Hey, hey!  It’s Saturday!  This Saturday in my tiny apartment, I’ll be dreaming of the day when I have a house and some land.  Plus I’ll be reading up on all sorts of projects I want to do when that day comes!

On that note, I’ve found a blog this week that I’ll be bookmarking: Stone Family Farmstead.  Kristi runs this blog and has so much valuable knowledge to share!  On her blog I’ve learned about everything from how to make fruit leathers to tips for how to make plants grow faster.

If you have chickens, dogs, rabbits, or other small livestock, Kristi talks about how to care for them properly.  If you want to start a garden, you’ll find tips and techniques for success.

So if you’re trying to start a homesteading project (or, like me, just dreaming about the day you’ll be able to), I’d highly recommend the Stone Family Farmstead blog.  I hope you found it as helpful as I did!