Saturday ShoutOut

Saturday ShoutOut: Scavenger Chic

Saturday ShoutOut

If you love looking for unique, distinctive items, and repurposing and giving them new life in your home, then this is a great blog for you to check out!

This week’s Saturday ShoutOut, Scavenger Chic, is chock-full of great projects and creative ideas designed to jump start your creativity and help you make carve out a style all your own for your home.  Joan is the bind behind all these fun DIY projects.

Joan works on all sorts of projects, from this week’s pallet wood chair plant stand for Mom, to furniture makeovers and all kids of upcycling. One of my favorites is her copper jello mold candle holder. What a crazy, creative way to reuse your copper jello molds!

Saturday ShoutOut

So if you’ve just come back from a big garage or estate sale, and now you’ve got to figure out what to do with all that fun stuff you bought, check out Scavenger Chic! I guarantee you’ll be inspired to go right back and out to hunt for some new treasures for your home.  Enjoy!




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