Saturday ShoutOut

Saturday ShoutOut: Plum Doodles

Saturday ShoutOut

Some blogs are just plain fun! And that’s what brings us to this week’s Saturday ShoutOut!

Plum Doodles is such a fun blog, loaded with fun ideas for DIY, decorating and cooking.  Blogger Sheila Gerke has an easy going style, and what makes her blog so fun, is that the ideas and projects are so accessible.  It’s the little things, really, like sharing how to make a thrifting “go” bag, how to add a decorative detail to a mirror, recipes for delicious little appetizers, and “doodles” about faith and family.

Saturday ShoutOut

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It’s a sweet read, and when you’re done reading through several blog posts by Sheila, you’ll feel as though you’ve gotten to know someone a little better, and maybe even made an online friend, too.

So if you’re looking for a little light reading, and some creative ideas for your home or family, then check out Plum Doodles, this week’s Saturday ShoutOut!  Enjoy!

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