Saturday ShoutOut

Saturday ShoutOut: Fox Hollow Cottage

Saturday ShoutOut

I know many of us are busy this weekend, probably too busy to kick off a new DIY project. But after the holiday celebrations are over and Spring Break comes to a close, it’s going to be time to catch a little Spring Fever, and start planning your next home DIY project! A great blog to help you do just that is this week’s Saturday ShoutOut blog, Fox Hollow Cottage.

Saturday ShoutOut

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The chief blogger at Fox Hollow Cottage is Shannon, and her project are anything but average, regardless what this self-described “everyday-girl” says.

Fox Hollow is loaded with projects for you to try, helpful “befores and afters” to use for inspiration, and lots of ideas for crafts, the holidays, even some printables!

So when everything finally winds down this weekend, why not log on and see for yourself? You’ll soon see that Shannon has some great ideas and projects to share.



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