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Saturday ShoutOut: For the Makers

Saturday ShoutOut, For the Makers blog, brick-anew blog

Are you spending this weekend trying to navigate and focus on your New Year’s resolutions, or trying to dredge up the motivation and intestinal fortitude needed to keep meeting all of those new goals? Not easy, is it?

Saturday ShoutOut, For the Makers blog, brick-anew blog

Gold Leaf Mirror project
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Well this week’s Saturday ShoutOut blog might give you a bit of inspiration. The blog, For the Makers, is a DIY blog that features tons of stylish projects and ideas that you can easily translate to your home. A personal favorite is the round gold leaf mirrors project posted just a few days ago. It’s elegant, simple, and satisfying.  In fact, I am going to put it to the test in my home design.

DIY maven Janet smartly combines her shop with tutorials and a blog, which is chock full of ideas for DIY projects, and lots of pretty and fun projects to take on. I think you’ll really enjoy this one, and if you’re like me, you might hit the online store on the way out of the blog!  Have fun!

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