Saturday ShoutOut

Saturday ShoutOut: Emily A. Clark blog

Saturday ShoutOut

This is one of those weeks when I find it hard to tear myself away from the blog I plan to feature in the Saturday ShoutOut.

When you first look at the Emily A. Clark blog, you might think you can’t afford to achieve the same results Emily does when she works on a project around her home.  But if you dig a little bit deeper and check out some of the projects she features and the details behind them, you soon see that many of her ideas are not only elegant and welcoming, they are also affordable!

For example, one sideboard I thought had to be way out of my price range was an item she found at Pier One Imports, yet it looks so elegant and appropriate in the setting she chose.

Like so many other DIY and home decor blogs, she does offer up her home as inspiration to us all.  But once you realize she has five young children and a husband she proclaims loves to spend time in his recliner (who doesn’t), her approach then becomes a lot more interesting to all of us.

Her blog is almost pristine looking, so you know she spends plenty of time focused on the details, and with five children and a busy household, I suspect the blog is a little bit therapeutic for her, too.  So if you’re yearning for some real-life home decor solutions or manageable DIY projects that could transform your home, check out what Emily A. Clarke has to offer.  It’s a beautiful blog with a happy story line that might just make your day!

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