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Saturday ShoutOut: Do It On A Dime Blog

If you’re like me, you are always looking for a bargain! And why not? It makes me so happy to find new ideas for spending less and getting more.

That’s why this week’s Saturday ShoutOut is going to the “Do It On A Dime” blog.  The blog’s creator, Kathryn, is quite the shopper, and shares her ideas all the time for how to live well, live within your means, and enjoying your life to the max!

Looking for natural cleaning products? She’s got them! Money-saving recipes for foods you actually want to eat, she has those, too.

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Do It On A Dime Blog
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In addition to check lists, printables, and traditional blog posts, she also shares tips in video, too. Her latest post “Gift Wrapping Hacks!” offers a clever way to wrap a gift in a couple of minutes or less, and the wrapping technique helps you create little “pocket” on the gift package, where you can tuck in your Christmas card, or maybe even a little stocking stuffer gift (very cute) to add to the present.

She’s a lot of fun, and has lots of ideas and encouragement for living a great life on less.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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