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First of all, I LOVE the name of this blog.  I was so disappointed when I first came across this blog, I thought to myself “darn, that is a great name.”  And of course, it is a GREAT blog, too! So, after noticing this *charming* blog, I decided it would be perfect for a Q and A post, and contacted blogger Lisa DeNardi Galati, to learn more about her blog, what got her interested in blogging, DIY, and decor!

BA: Where did you get the idea for Recaptured Charm—what triggered your desire to create the blog and share your world?

RC: When my sister passed away in 2006, I really needed to keep busy. I had bought a new house shortly after and started to renovate. I started the blog as a way to keep a log of the house transformation as well as a way to simply keep myself busy. What started with home renovations turned to furniture restorations shortly afterward. I’d say I keep pretty busy now.

BA: What makes you so passionate about interior design and home décor using flea market finds, crafts and old furniture (the last one is my particular favorite)?

RC: My father was a Commercial Artist. He had so much creativity. I have some of his artwork hanging in my home. I guess I got the creative bug from him. Home décor has always been a passion. Crafting has always been something I enjoy very much. As far as redoing furniture, I really just fell into that one. As I renovated I started to redo some pieces that I had rather than buy new furniture. Then I figured out that I could make money doing it, so I started to refinish and sell.

BA: How do you go about choosing projects for yourself? What makes a project exciting for you?

RC: Renovating my home has taken 7 years. We’ve been slowly doing one room at a time. Although it’s not always easy to live in a construction zone, I get very pumped for a new project.   In addition to that, finding a good piece of furniture in a thrift store is exhilarating. I once I found large cabinet for $14, refinished it and sold it for hundreds. Yeah, that excites me.

BA: A lot of our readers are looking for ways to make their fireplace stand out in a room redesign or update. How do you approach a redesign or design challenge in a room with a fireplace? Have you ever found any exciting or unique items that were perfect placed over a mantel?

RC: Personally I think the fireplace is a huge focal point of any room and should be very pleasing to look at. Most of us are now putting our TV’s over the mantles and I think it’s extremely important to hide all the boxes and the wires. We did this over our fireplace. Stone is my favourite element around a fireplace. That will be an upcoming project in our home shortly.

Lisa’s mantle redo. Image source:


BA: In your opinion, what is the biggest challenge facing someone when starting a home design or update, DIY project?

RC: Envisioning the project finished is the biggest challenge. You basically really need to have an idea of how you want it to turn out and have a plan on how to reach that goal. Things might change along the way and that’s sometimes a good thing, but definitely don’t wing it.

BA: What are your best tips and advice for people who want to tackle a DIY, home reno, crafts, or home decor project on their own?

RC: Be informed. Today we have resources on the internet for everything. There’s DIY step-by-steps and countless videos for whatever project you’re starting. If you’re unfamiliar with something, look it up. Think it through and most importantly have the proper tools. I think crafting is for everyone. Have fun with it and put your own spin on it. Home Reno’s are great for people who really have the know-how. Don’t tinker with plumbing and electrical..(those are for hiring out!)

BA: What is the most frequently asked question you get from your audience?

RC: How to use glaze. I’ve used glazing medium over some of my most popular projects and a lot of people are interested in that technique.

BA: What is the #1 question your clients, readers, viewers, followers, fans should be asking you?

RC: “Hey, why aren’t you and your husband on T.V?” (Ok not really) J

BA: What’s the most unexpected thing you’ve learned along the way?

RC: I have more energy than I thought I did.

BA: Which item that you’ve found, restored, repurposed or created resonates most with you, and why?

RC: There are many projects in my home that we’ve completed that I am very proud of. Even sanding and refinishing wood floors. But I think the Old Armoire makeover is one of my favourite projects. Not sure why, I just loved the finished look.


Lisa’s armoire makeover
Image source:


BA: Do you have a project that made you think twice about it, after you had already started?

RC: Ha! That’s the million dollar question. I can’t count how many times I began a project, whether something large or even a craft project and said to myself, (yes out loud) ‘I’m sorry I started this.’

The one that stands out the most is one of my most popular crafts.

DIY, coffee filter wreath

Fall Coffee Filter Wreath Project
Image source:

I think I actually cried while doing that one.

DIY, repurpose,

Lisa DeNardi Galati

Well, tears or no tears, I love Lisa’s work!  The blog is great, and her spirit really shines through.  And wow, what a beautiful home and family.  Thanks for your time and for sharing this with all of us!-BA

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