WATCH: New homeowners Katie & Boo transform their old brick fireplace into the centerpiece of their living room using Brick-Anew.

When Katie first called us, we knew that her husband, Boo, was skeptical about painting over their brick fireplace.

Which, I might add, is totally understandable. Preserving and restoring old brick can make for a great aesthetic, and there’s enough nauseating pictures of poorly painted fireplaces floating around the web to make someone nervous about giving it a shot. But if Katie wants the modern, updated look of painted brick, and Boo wants to keep the look of natural brick, is there a solution?

Yes, there is. This is a situation we’ve heard a thousand times at Brick-Anew. And with our fireplace paint kit, you get the best of both worlds!

Take a look at the beautiful results they achieved with our Twilight Taupe color scheme:

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Old Brick Fireplace Before Painting with Brick-Anew


Fireplace painted with Brick-Anew Twilight Taupe color

One of the best parts about Twilight Taupe is how it opens up the room while still complementing dark, warm tones like wood and leather. Katie and Boo’s fireplace is the perfect example of this. Apparently it also makes the perfect backdrop for the family photo!

Thank you Katie & Boo for sending in this great video. The best part about Brick-Anew paint is the freedom of the process, and we love seeing our customers having fun with it! Our kits include detailed instructions that teach you how to get the look that you want, so the finished result will be completely unique to your home.

So when it comes to painting old brick or preserving it, there really are no wrong answers. But maybe some answers are more right than others… You chose well, Katie!

Fireplace brick painted with Brick-Anew Twilight Taupe color