While writing a post this past week about choosing between traditional (wood burning, gas) fireplaces and electric fireplaces, it occurred to me that many who live in a rental are going to have to postpone their enjoyment of a live fireplace until they move into their own home.
Today I came across a post that was chock full of ideas about how a renter can add a “fire” to their space without having access to a fireplace. While I am always going to prefer a traditional fireplaces over electric fireplaces, the creativity behind these devices is exciting.

electric fireplaces

Image source: Decoist.com

“How great would it be to use a tiny fireplace as an accent piece? Although some probably wouldn’t call these fireplaces (they’re more like flame pieces), they still bring a touch of warmth to any modern room.”-Decoist.com

So if you are wishing you had a home to build a fire in, don’t worry. In the meantime, you can pick up one of these clever electric fireplace appliances, and enjoy the flickering flames and ambiance you’ve been yearning for.  Enjoy!